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Getting less conversations?

Got live chat software but receiving few messages,
switch to BigRadar and get 3x more messages than any other tool.

Facing these problems?

Message errors

You just typed a reply and message failed

Customer left

Customers are unable use the chat widget due to ugly widgets.

Got notified late

You're on the go but got notified after 2-3 mins on mobile app.

Can't Email

When customers are not online you're unable to send email.

Why switch to BigRadar?

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    Lack of engagement with users increases bounce rate and ultimately looses potential customers. using BigRadar, You'll be able to engage them based on their behaviors like Location, Browsers, Time spent on page, Name of Page, Desktop or Mobile and lot more options.

  • Subscribers Building

    Still paying for multiple softwares to build subscribers list and another software to send them targeted campaigns?

    BigRadar helps you in creating beautifully designed pop-up boxes, integration with major softwares, multiple segments or automated campaigns basedon behaviors.

    Coming soon
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    Personlized messages

    44% of users are more like to start a conversation with you if they see a personalized message based on their behaviors. We don't think you need another reason for this feature

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    One Interface for multiple Projects

    Every company has multiple brands and projects but they usually have multiple accounts for multiple projects. BigRadar makes is really easy for you to manage all of your exercises with ease.

Most effective tool for landing pages

Marketers spent most of their budget on bringing people to landing pages. But due to lack of engagement and right tools, most of the budget gets wasted. With BigRadar, you not only improve the engagement on your pages but also get quality leads to get the best ROI.

  • Auto start conversations

    Customers comes with a lot of queries but if you're away you may loose potential leads. BigRadar engagment tools make it easy to start break through conversations.

  • Notify directly to inbox

    Customer can't stay on your website until you come online, so even if you reply its not gonna help. BigRadar smartly captures the email address and pushes your response directly to their email inbox.

  • Get notified on email

    We know you can't stay on our app 24x7 or may take some time to come on computer to respond queries. So, it makes sense they queries are being delivered directly to your inbox.


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