How to create engaging chatbots

People who are visiting your website in search of a service are expecting something more specific. Like very specific.

Avoid making general chatbots for the pages where you expect leads.

The general bot starts the first message with some like:

Hi, can we chat?

Hey, how can i help you today?

Hi, We are here to help you!

The above examples are kind of general chatbot messages. First message which a user sees which expects a user to take action on it.

These are general chatbots that are suitable for any type of online business. But, these messages have really poor conversion rates of replies.

People who are visiting your website in search of service are expecting something more specific. Like very specific.

Specification depends on business to business, demographics, people, region, country, languages… and infinite.

It should be something like, if you are having an e-commerce store and having listed almost all the categories like Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Grocery, etc.

So, when people visit your online store you need to ask a very specific question based on their behaviour and page.

Let’s say, Johnson is browsing T-Shirts in Clothing category and has been on the page for more than 2 mins.. then you can trigger a message like:

Hey, Do you want to know when this T-Shirt will be delivered to your address?

This connects with the user and gives her a feeling that Oh.. wow… somebody is there from the website and I can ask my queries right now… I’ll get an immediate response.

This type of confidence encourages users to take action after seeing the message.

Whereas, if you are sending a very general type of message whenever the website loads and user see the same message, again and again, the website… this makes the user more of a kind like it is some sort of form which will ask my contact number and email… to send me product promotions.

People on the internet expect personalization and trust. They sense the kind of spammy behaviours very quickly and will not interact with it after having a bad experience.

That’s why people avoid filling up contact forms on websites and inclined more towards Chatbots & live chat. Because Chat has gained their trust over time.

Whereas, contact forms are lazy in response. If you have filled a contact form inquiry on an e-commerce website… you may get a response in the coming day or may note. Businesses are busy in their day to day operations and sometimes they miss to check all the contact forms updated data more often.

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