Chatbots are becoming major part of our marketing efforts, they simply helps a lot in improving the bounce rate of our customers by engaging them to a certain level of conversation.

But they only help us when they are configured the right way.

If your Chatbot is not delivering results, you need to change the way they interact with your customers.

How to qualify leads with chatbots

Step 1: Analyze Leads

You need to dig into the data of leads generated through contact forms, phones, other sources and try to understand the patterns in customer inquiries. If you operate a web design business then which are 3-4 most popular services which they inquire with your business.

For example (based on last 90 days leads data):
234 customers inquired for Website in WordPress
500 customers inquired for Custom website
200 customers inquired for Domain & Web Hosting

Step 2: Make questionnaire based on data available

Yes, just 3-4 questions are enough to start the conversation and qualify the lead, first 3 questions should be targeted towards understanding the customer requirement and 4th question should be asking email and phone number so you can contact them back.

Step 3: Setup the Chatbot

Now, it’s time to use your creative art to put all the those questions and setup the chatbot. Keep the question highly targeted towards understanding the customers requirements and provide the most popular options so customer don’t have to type. They love choosing options than typing.

Step 4: Target the audience based on pages

Most important, Don’t setup the bot and let it be running on all your pages. You need to target the bot based on pages on your website.

Let’s see how some good businesses are using chatbots.

Chatbots Examples

Big brands using Chatbots

1. BBC

BBC is offering chatbot on Facebook platform to deliver news based on specific interests. Check out here

2. Slack

You can set reminders in slack by typing /remind me to speak to Trump tomorrow at 9am. Slack offers many such abilities to increase your productivity.

3. Facebook

Business can create specific cases to serve their customers based on keywords.

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