Job Details



New Delhi


3-5 Years

When a power user of BigRadar uses the software to communicate with its customers then millions of requests are being served by servers in just one hour. Handling that kind of scale and making the process more efficient is what smart engineers wants to achieve. We don’t do boring stuff :).

Why this role?

  • Internet communication has evolved and so businesses too. Be a part of this exciting journey to make new-age communication a lot more easier and efficient.
  • Join us at the right time. We have achieve the product-market fit with early recurring revenues. Yes, are funded too.
  • Work with some of the best engineers. When just 2 people built the entire product which served 10 companies and ultimately serving 2 million end users in real-time. We achieved more than 10x of our size team couldn’t. We focus on first principles to solve the problem for better outcomes.

About this role?

So, what you will be doing as Full-Stack Engineer.

  • You will build new features from start to finish: through conception, research, maintenance and polish.
  • You will build improvements to performance, reliability and product polish. For example: Improve the productivity of user’s email editing.
  • You will connect with the team to understand our customers and suggest improvements.

The job is for you, if

  • You have built and maintained quality user interfaces that have reached to a large audience, specially when the product is experiencing rapid growth.
  • You can rapid learn the new technologies as you go. To you technologies are about tools and tradeoffs. not an ideology.
  • You care about business implications of any you build. You’re not going after the cool stuff – you understand the balance between craft, speed and the bottom line.
  • You’ve spent meaning time as senior engineer and tech-lead.
  • You’re fluent with Typescript, Reactjs, NodeJS.