Communicate personally
with your customers

Live chat is just broken, BigRadar personalizes it for every user


Qualify leads with ChatBots and communicate with customers in realtime

Email Campaigns

Leverage your user database potential by engaging them with email marketing


What works, what doesn't. See the rich reports to improve your process.

Start conversations

64% of businesses believe that chatbots allow them to provide a more customized support experience for their customers – Statista

Provide a more customized options for every customer segment to initiate the first dialogue with your business.

Engage with Email

Send more personalized email than ever before to your customers based on 100s of behavior events.

Auto Campaigns:
Preset the campaigns and let BigRadar handle it while you are enjoying your holidays in Bahamas 🙂

Manual Campaigns:
Ofcourse, you can send email to your user base by segments and other parameters

BigRadar will never
let your visitor go out of your reach

Customers can start conversations at any time, even when your team is not online.

If your customer steps away and doesn’t see your message, BigRadar automatically sends messages to their email where they can continue the conversation.

Chat conversations

When your customer goes back to your website, they’ll be able to pick up the conversation in the live chat widget there too.

No need to start the conversation all over again, and no need for your customer to repeat themselves.

A simple interface for Messaging

It’s all on just one screen without clutter

Software Integrations

Using software while using software is something we all know. BigRadar comes with all stack to complete your process.